What we do

Video Production

PW Media has [tele]vision!
Did you know that professionally produced and optimized videos outperform user-generated video (UGC video) by a 30% lift in conversions as compared with UGC video?


Current trends reflect that people tend to interact more when viewing videos on their computer as opposed to watching on traditional television. Brand recall is astonishingly higher! The audience reach potential is tremendous! The ability to measure effectiveness is efficient! Good stuff.

Our goal is to always keep you ahead of your competition with exciting new digital technologies able to specifically target your audience, as well as increasing your company's visibility and exposure.

vid·eo pro·duc·tion

noun [vid-ee-oh], noun [pruh-duhk-shuhn]

The process of capturing moving images on electronic media, then editing and distributing a finished video product. This includes television production, commercials, corporate videos, video-for-web applications and more. Videos help to promote a business and create awareness among consumers.