AAMCO Video Production

Client: Individual AAMCO Owners

Each AAMCO owner takes great pride in being “a local and trusted” car care center treating customers like family, as well as being an integrated part of the local community.

To localize a well-known national brand by “putting a local face” to the center. The goal was to better connect with online visitors by giving them insight to build confidence and trust, as well as offering the right content to assist local potential customers with their decision making.

The solution? A professional, engaging website video profile promoting the center, with emphasis on delivering a personal and localized message from the actual business owner to boost trust and resonate within the community and surrounding areas that the center serves.

A professionally shot, easy to understand, high-definition video showcase for a local center’s website with great content. PW’s video solution offers the ability to project both a center owner’s community-oriented values and auto-repair service offerings, as well promoting a call-to-action for online visitors with a strong local appeal for maximum impact.